Down Memory Lane

Our aim is to provide a caring, safe, structured environment that enables participants to engage with multi-sensory activities to enhance memory.
Each session includes:
* Welcome and Introduction
* Chair Exercises
* Conversation and fun activities
* Craft
* Morning tea
The volunteer lead group is inclusive, caring and compassionate. If you are wishing to exercise your memory or know someone who might need or want to enjoy a warm, welcoming laughter filled activity that will help clear the brain fog, please join us.
The contribution per person is a gold coin donation. (Negotiable if need be)
Down Memory Lane
“Thank you to you and everyone involved in Down Memory Lane. The program is something to be extremely proud of because of its level of creativity , it is so well organised and facilitated, a very professional and welcoming program, that is invaluable to its members.  I am grateful for the opportunity to attend. It is impressive to see how dedicated you all are to the well being of your community.”   (Amanda Sutton – Dementia Australia  25th May 2023)